New Wine Cooler Features


New EdgeStar Wine Refrigerator

Many of our new EdgeStar wine refrigerators boast “built-in replaceable carbon filters” and “black-dotted doors,” which offer UV protection. So, why are these important for you, the wine consumer? What are the dangers of ultraviolet (UV) rays and odor to your bottles of wine?

Black-Dotted DoorsLet’s start with UV rays and how they affect your enjoyment of your wine. One term you may hear thrown around a lot is “light strike,” which basically refers to the UV rays penetrating your glass wine bottle. The effects of UV ray exposure are tantamount to those of heat exposure: ultimately, your wine will taste spoiled. Some wine bottles provide some UV protection, but as manufacturers try to cut down on their carbon footprints by developing thinner, lighter bottles, the bottles become more susceptible to light strike. Therefore, our black-dotted doors are becoming more and more important to the preservation of your wine.

In a matter of mere hours, UV concentrations can begin causing chemical reactions in your wine. I won’t go into too much technical detail, but know that these chemical reactions involve amino acids within your wine, and the reactions ultimately produce sulfur compounds (yes, THAT sulfur). Dimethyl disulfide and hydrogen sulfide are examples of resultants – names alone suggest that you probably won’t enjoy that first sip. The many resultants that can occur from these chemical reactions affect the flavor, aroma and structure of the wine. White and sparkling wines are the most susceptible, and it really can take just a few hours so spoil from UV exposure! The tannins in red wines offer some protection, but I want the most out of my Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir.

Wine Cooler Carbon FilterSo the black-dotted doors really do have a great effect for wine storage, but what about the carbon filters?

Debris and odors can actually greatly affect your wine because they enter through the cork! Even wines kept at the perfect constant temperature and humidity allow some air through the cork. One of your greatest senses, and one that is important to drinking wine, is olfaction. Extraneous odors can taint the true smell of a wine, which is vital to full enjoyment.

Happy drinking!

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You Spoke, We Listened: Cool New EdgeStar Beverage Coolers


EdgeStar 80 Can Beverage Cooler     EdgeStar 148 Can Beverage Cooler

Featuring the EdgeStar CBR901SG 80-can beverage cooler & EdgeStar CBR1501SG 148-can beverage cooler.

Here at EdgeStar we make customer feedback our number one priority. To us, customer feedback is vital to our operation. We are proud to be the type of company that listens to customer concerns and use them to help us constantly improve our products. The previous models of the EdgeStar stainless steel beverage coolers were, simply put, solid. However, because we received customer feedback stating that the wire shelf could warp over time with repeated use, we upgraded the wire shelving to glass in our new design.  The new design provides a sleek look and a flat storage surface.

Holes in Glass ShelvingCommitted to always offering the best quality on all levels, we wanted to make sure solid glass shelves would not disturb maintaining an even temperature. To ensure that this never became an issue, we placed holes in the shelving to allow even air circulation throughout the entire refrigerator. A built-in carbon filter was also added to clean the air and provide an odorless environment. The handle’s styling matches that of several other EdgeStar built-in appliances, allowing you to achieve a seamlessly consistent look.

We took great pride in further developing these EdgeStar beverage coolers, remaining dedicated to creating an excellent product while making sure to retain the great price. As always, we love hearing your product reviews — so don’t be shy! Thank you to our loyal EdgeStar fans. We promise to always listen to your feedback.

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Introducing 3 New Koldfront Wine Coolers


At the end of 2011, we placed 3 new Koldfront wine coolers on the market that we are still very excited about. Each one features a sleek design and unique, updated features to provide you a modern place to store and display your wine. View the line up below to learn more about each model.

Koldfront TWR4BL Countertop Wine Cooler

Koldfront TWR4BL Wine Cooler

The Koldfront TWR4BL is our smallest model available, and the smallest wine cooler we’ve ever actually produced, holding up to 4 standard wine bottles. At just under 18″ tall and 6.5″ wide, it can fit on a countertop in your kitchen so your favorite wines are easily accessible for enjoying with dinner or while relaxing in the evening. The design is sleek and eye-catching with a digital thermostat and tempered glass door.


Koldfront BWR300BL 30 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler

Koldfront Built-In Wine Cooler

The best feature of the Koldfront BWR300BL is that it can be built into cabinetry. That may not seem unique, but you’ll be hard pressed to find another built-in unit of the BWR300BL’s quality at the same price point on the market. It’s only 15″ wide, so it can take the place of an old trash compactor in your kitchen if you’re remodeling or looking to upgrade. It also features a digital temperature display, LED lighting and a reversible double-paned tempered glass door.


Koldfront BWC121SSWINE 33 Bottle Wine Cooler

Koldfront 33 Bottle Wine Cooler

The Koldfront BWC121SSWINE is unique compared to other wine coolers because it can reach temperatures as low as the mid-30s F and it is a compressor-cooled freestanding model (many freestanding models are cooled using thermoelectric technology). The shelves are wooden instead of wire and there is a basket at the bottom of the unit that can hold additional wine bottles. It has manual temperature controls and an interior light for displaying the wine.


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Installing an EdgeStar Portable Dishwasher


Installing a portable dishwasher isn’t extremely difficult, but you may have questions or be curious about how certain things operate. The below video from EdgeStar support covers the steps for installing your portable dishwasher and explains what the different buttons and parts do.

For more information on EdgeStar portable dishwashers, visit the Dishwasher Support page on EdgeStar.com.


Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m David with EdgeStar Technical Support. Here today we have the DWP61ES portable countertop dishwasher. We’re going to be showing you how to install the unit.

Portable Dishwasher Accessories

So when you first unpack the unit you’ll find several accessories packed inside the dish basket. The first of these is your drain and fill hose with your dishwasher adapter already attached, which is this device here at the end. It’s also a quick connect, but I’ll cover that a little bit later. This comes packaged with the unit.

You have a detergent measuring scoop for convenient measuring of your detergent.

You also have a pictorial list of do’s and don’ts that come with the unit. They’re fairly simple to understand.

You have the owner’s manual that’s packed with the unit and gives complete information about install and general operating procedures along with the EdgeStar warranty.

And we also have the US Energy Guide for those concerned about energy consumption. It’s also included with the unit.

Inside the unit, we’re going to find the dish basket and the cutlery box, it’s where you put your forks and knives and other utensils. That just simply sits in there. And it rolls backwards and you close the door.

Detergent and Rinse Aid Dispensers

Now let’s talk about the inside of the unit. I’m going to open up the door here. On the inside of the unit when you first you first open it up you might notice some water spotting, maybe a few droplets of water. That’s normal. The factory quality checks each unit before it leaves and they actually run it for a few minutes, and during transit it will dry and create water spots or leave a few droplets inside the unit. That’s okay. That’s normal. Don’t be concerned about it.

The next thing I’m going to look at is our soap dispenser. And I’m going to go ahead and open it up, just like that. There’s a push button in the front here; you just push it in and it releases it. You’ll find that there are two chambers here. One is smaller than the other. And that’s going to correspond to the amount of loading you have, the amount of dishes you have in the dishwasher at any given time. You’ll use the smaller of the two chambers for a half load or less, and the larger of the two for a full load. Fill those up with your choice of detergent, although I do recommend Cascade, you can use the detergent of your choice. Once you’re done and you’ve filled it, close it and press it until it snaps. There’s some finger guides here so that you have a little more pressure when you close it.

And over here, we have our rinse aid dispenser. To use that, you simply turn the cap, remove it, and you’ll notice that this cap has groove guides, there’s also some guides here in the bottom. When you put that back on, you’re just going to line up the grooves and turn it clockwise to tighten it up. You don’t need to force it. Inside here you’ll pour your Jet Dry. This is how that is dispensed. There’s also a sensitivity control here for that. You can increase or decrease the amount of Jet Dry that you use depending on how hard your water is or what type of dishes that you have.

You can shut the door and then start your cycle.

Installing Hoses and Faucet Adapter

Let’s cover the installation basics on the hoses at the back of the portable dishwasher, and then I’m going to talk about the dishwasher adapter. To hook up your hoses on the back of the unit, you’ll find that there are two ports. This one is your intake port for your water coming in and this is your drain port. The drain hose, as you can see here, has a very large fitting. The other one does not. That’s how you tell these apart. Make sure that the O-rings on both ends are securely attached and that they’re there. To install this, all we have to do is line up our threads and we just go ahead and turn it into the unit. And we hook it up that way. You need to make sure that when you do this that you don’t use any tools. Hand tight is perfectly acceptable.

The intake hose is the same way. Now you’ll find that the ends on this one are pretty similar, however, on this one you’ll have a curve here. That curve actually hooks into the dishwasher. Same procedure with this one. All we do is we line it up and you may find that this O-ring has become unseated and that’s okay. Just push the nut up, seat it back in there and then thread this on to the back of the unit until it stops. Make sure that you don’t cross thread it because these threads are really fine. You may find sometimes that it’s a little difficult to line up and that’s okay.  Just back it off and start it back up again.

Now we’re going to talk about the adapter that comes with your unit. This is a two-piece unit. This part simply detaches by pulling down this collar. This is the part that takes the place of your aerator on your sink. You’ll find it’s packed with two O-rings, and you may only need one. And it also has threads on the inside and outside for different types of aerators. You’ll have to experiment and see what works best. Once this is hooked up it generally stays in place and all we do is pull this collar down, insert it and release the collar.

Don’t be rough with this adapter. There’s a retaining ring right here which you can see with some ball bearings, and if you’re rough with this it will pop out and you’ll lose all your little ball bearings and you’ll have to call customer service for a replacement.

Attached to the adapter you will also find a large red button. This is your fresh water bypass. You can get fresh water from the bottom of this while your unit is running.

Now we’re going to talk about these ports. You have a drain port and you have a water supply port. The water supply is at the bottom. The hoses hook to it the same way as we did at the back of the unit, and here’s how we do that. So we’re going to pick up the other end of our hose, we’re going to make sure that the O-ring is attached and then we’re going to thread it onto the adapter. Now all you do is turn this until it’s secure. And do the same with the other hose. Remember, the drain goes up on the top. Then this whole thing attaches to your faucet and that’s it. That completes our installation on this particular part.

Using the Portable Dishwasher Control Panel

Now that we’ve installed the countertop dishwasher, we’re going to talk about the front panel controls and how to use the dishwasher.

The first thing you are going to notice is the on and off button. This powers off the unit and also helps to reset it. To turn the unit on, you’ll hear a beep and you’ll see the display light up.

The next thing that you’ll find is your program selector. Now in the display it will have different icons to indicate which program you’re on. More information to be found on that feature in your owner’s manual.

The next button that we are going to find is our start and our pause button. They’re just like a tape player or a VCR; they work the same way.

Once you power the unit on, selected your appropriate program, you’ll then hit the play button or start to start the process. If at any point you want to pause it, you’ll hit that same button again to pause the program so you can open up the door and add or take out a dish, whatever you want to do.

The next button over you’ll find is your delay button. This is handy for people that want to wait on their dishes for maybe an hour or two after they’re done. That has up to a 4 hour selectable display. To delay the unit you’ll hit that and cycle it, every time you cycle it, it gives you an hour advance. So you’ll cycle up between 1 to 4 hours.

Our next button here is our 3-in-1 button. Now you don’t have to use the powder detergent like I showed you earlier. You can use what they call a Cascade 3-in-1 pack or similar. The little tablets that are wrapped in plastic and you put those inside the dishwasher, in the cabinet; they’ll melt and distribute the detergent. This creates a situation where it’s best for those to dissolve. You’ll select that button should you wish to use that tablet for detergent.

Our display is the last segment over here on this side of the door. It displays your remaining time, your delay, what program you’re on and, possibly if you have any trouble with the unit, any trouble codes that might be associated with it.

We’re going to open up the door. You’ll find that the door is somewhat difficult to open and it does beep when you open it and close it if the unit is powered on. If the unit is powered off, you’re not going to hear any beeping. But it is difficult to open. It is designed to be that way.

Inside, as we talked about earlier, you’ll find your dish basket. This dish basket is designed for optimal loading. Your owner’s manual contains a diagram as to how to load the unit properly. Be sure to adhere to that for best results.

When you’re ready to start your load, push you dish basket back in and one last check: We need to make sure that the spray arm spins freely. Sometimes when you load up your cutlery container, you may find a fork or something sticking down in there and it could possibly block your spray arm and it’ll prevent the unit from washing the dishes the way that it should. So you want to make sure that it spins freely.

We shut the door, we hear a beep, we select our program and hit start.

I hope that this do it yourself video helps you with the install, setup and operation of your new dishwasher. If you have any questions, contact us at EdgeStar.com.

Disclaimer: We are providing this information to aid our customers in the use of our products. Please attempt this at your own risk. We are not responsible for any harm or danger you subject yourself to. Thank you and please enjoy the video and/or written instructions.

Please note that the persons shown in the video are experts and this is for demonstration purposes only. If you attempt to do this at home, it is necessary for you to have safe and proper equipment as well as take all precautions to protect all parts of your body from harm by wearing appropriate safety gear at all times.

We cannot be responsible for any damage of any type to yourself or held liable for any damage to the equipment you are working with. Customer is presumed to have a fair level of skill in performing any DIY. All information posted in this section is provided “as is” without any warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to fitness for a particular use. Any user assumes the entire risk as to the accuracy and use of this information.

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EdgeStar Portable Ice Maker – Troubleshooting Help


Unfortunately, from time to time, we all run into a small issue with an appliance. The below video covers some of the more common questions we get at EdgeStar Tech Support about our EdgeStar ice makers, focusing on the portable ice maker IP210 series (IP210TI & IP210SS). If you have a problem with your portable ice maker leaking, the fan or the unit no longer working after a power failure, then this video will walk you through how to troubleshoot those problems.

If you have any questions about some of the methods used in the video or would like to talk to a professional, please contact EdgeStar support at 1-866-319-5473. We’re here to help 8 am – 5pm CST, Monday though Friday.

For more videos and information on EdgeStar ice makers, visit the Ice Maker Support page on EdgeStar.com.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m David with EdgeStar Technical Support. Behind me here we have the IP210TI portable countertop ice maker. We’re going to answer some basic questions that customers call in about and go over some maintenance. We’re also going to talk about resetting after a power outage.

Portable Ice Maker Leaking from Drain Port

A common question we receive here at EdgeStar is, “Why does my ice maker leak from the drain port?”

The most common cause of this issue is that the silicone drain plug is missing from the drain cap assembly. The unit must not only have the plastic cap installed, but also the silicone plug showing here. If you are experience leaking, please verify that you have the correct drain plug assembly and that the parts are nice and snug. If this does not resolve your issue or if you’re missing any of the parts, please contact EdgeStar.

If you have lost your silicone drain plug, you can order part number IP210DP on EdgeStar.com.

Portable Ice Maker Leaking from Bottom

Another common question that we get from customers is, “My unit leaks from the bottom. What can be done?”

To resolve this, we’re going to remove the back of the unit and the screws at the bottom. And you’ll find up here at the top where the water feed tube comes up to the water trough sometimes it will leak off because it is dropped off and you might find it hanging, and what we can do is we can show you how that works.

Sometimes, you might find it [sticking out at an angle], all you need to repair that is a simple zip tie. Reinsert the feed tube onto the nipple and put on your zip tie and tie it tightly so that it won’t come off.

Some other common places for leaks are at the front of the water pump, at the hose connection at the reservoir and here at the back of the drain plug assembly. If you find leaks in any of those places, please contact customer service.

Troubleshooting the Microswitches on a Portable Ice Maker

Another common question we get at EdgeStar is, “How can I tell if the switches at the ice case are working?”

The switches tell the cam which way to turn. As you can see, the cam rotates against each switch. If you push each switch, you should hear a clicking noise. You also need to make sure the feelers on each switch contact the cam as it rotates around. If you do not hear the clicking, please contact customer service.

Portable Ice Maker Fan Activity

Another question that we get at customer service is that the customer believes the fan should run all the time. This is not the case.

This fan should only run when it absolutely needs to. You’ll find that there’s a sensor clipped to the coil right here. That sensor is thermostatically controlled. The sensor allows the fan to run only when needed. If you find that the fan runs all the time or the fan does not run at all, please contact customer service.

Resetting the Portable Ice Maker

Another question that we get here at EdgeStar is, “My ice maker is not working.”

Here’s a simply reset step to resolve that issue.

  1. Start by unplugging the unit. Not only for safety, but to also allow the ice case motor to move freely.
  2. Next, move the ice case motor all the way forward and then back with your hands. You’ll hear a zipping noise and feel some resistance and that’s completely normal. If you have trouble moving the ice case, use both hands and pull evenly in the middle.
  3. Once the ice case is in the back position, plug the unit back in and then turn on the ice maker.

I hope this DIY video has been helpful to you in resetting your ice maker and other common questions. If you have any further concerns, feel free to contact us at EdgeStar.com.

Disclaimer: We are providing this information to aid our customers in the use of our products. Please attempt this at your own risk. We are not responsible for any harm or danger you subject yourself to. Thank you and please enjoy the video and/or written instructions.

Please note that the persons shown in the video are experts and this is for demonstration purposes only. If you attempt to do this at home, it is necessary for you to have safe and proper equipment as well as take all precautions to protect all parts of your body from harm by wearing appropriate safety gear at all times.

We cannot be responsible for any damage of any type to yourself or held liable for any damage to the equipment you are working with. Customer is presumed to have a fair level of skill in performing any DIY. All information posted in this section is provided “as is” without any warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to fitness for a particular use. Any user assumes the entire risk as to the accuracy and use of this information.


Can a Countertop Dishwasher be Installed Under a Sink?


EdgeStar Countertop DishwasherOne of the more common questions that I get from customers at EdgeStar Support concerns whether or not the countertop line of dishwashers can be installed under the counter. In this article, I’ll cover the basic setup of the dishwashers in the EdgeStar lineup and answer that question from a technical perspective.

The countertop dishwasher has got to be one of the great inventions of the 21st Century! Easy to install and even easier to operate. It’s a blessing to owners of small kitchens everywhere, and certainly a miracle of technology. It just can’t be beat! Best of all, no complicated plumbing to do…whew…!

All of our compact dishwashers install the same way in just a few simple steps:

  1. Unpack the unit.
  2. Set unit on counter and unpack hoses.
  3. Attach the quick connect to your existing faucet (be sure to remove your aerator).
  4. Connect the lines to the back of the dishwasher.
  5. Plug in the unit to the wall outlet and turn on the water at the faucet.
  6. You’re done! What could be easier?

Now on to the undercounter question…

Portable dishwashers are purposely designed to discourage you from installing it under a sink. We do not recommend installing your countertop dishwasher under a sink and we do not offer any information or help with the matter because if you do attempt to install the unit under a sink and it fails, you will have voided the warranty.

I hope this clarifies the more common questions and simplifies the install of your new dishwasher. Enjoy!

Until we turn the wrench again,

David S., Senior Technician for EdgeStar Products


NOTE: Installing a countertop dishwasher (EdgeStar or any other brand) under the sink or counter will void your product’s warranty.

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Appliance Hack: Wine Cooler to Cigar Humidor


Yes, it’s true, the EdgeStar 28 bottle wine cooler is ideal for converting into a cigar humidor. It seems to be a popular hack in the cigar community and we have photos of multiple different cigar humidors that have been created from our wine cooler. Check them out:



Interested in building your own? Two of the above appliance hackers have put up tutorials to help those interested. Check them out:

If you’re using your EdgeStar or Koldfront appliance in a unique way we’d love to see it! Either reply to this post or use the form on the Contact page to tell us about it.

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Welcome to the official EdgeStar blog: Compact Excellence!

Here you will find updates on our latest products, find answers to your appliance questions and learn about unique ways people are using their EdgeStar and Koldfront appliances. Please feel free to leave us comments telling us about your EdgeStar appliance or post pictures of how you’re putting your appliance to use! We are always interested to see how people enjoy their EdgeStar and Koldfront products.

If you need help with an EdgeStar or Koldfront appliance, please contact our customer service representatives at 1-866-319-5473. They are very knowledgeable and will be able to help you promptly.