You Spoke, We Listened: Cool New EdgeStar Beverage Coolers


EdgeStar 80 Can Beverage Cooler     EdgeStar 148 Can Beverage Cooler

Featuring the EdgeStar CBR901SG 80-can beverage cooler & EdgeStar CBR1501SG 148-can beverage cooler.

Here at EdgeStar we make customer feedback our number one priority. To us, customer feedback is vital to our operation. We are proud to be the type of company that listens to customer concerns and use them to help us constantly improve our products. The previous models of the EdgeStar stainless steel beverage coolers were, simply put, solid. However, because we received customer feedback stating that the wire shelf could warp over time with repeated use, we upgraded the wire shelving to glass in our new design.  The new design provides a sleek look and a flat storage surface.

Holes in Glass ShelvingCommitted to always offering the best quality on all levels, we wanted to make sure solid glass shelves would not disturb maintaining an even temperature. To ensure that this never became an issue, we placed holes in the shelving to allow even air circulation throughout the entire refrigerator. A built-in carbon filter was also added to clean the air and provide an odorless environment. The handle’s styling matches that of several other EdgeStar built-in appliances, allowing you to achieve a seamlessly consistent look.

We took great pride in further developing these EdgeStar beverage coolers, remaining dedicated to creating an excellent product while making sure to retain the great price. As always, we love hearing your product reviews — so don’t be shy! Thank you to our loyal EdgeStar fans. We promise to always listen to your feedback.

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